David Petty Music

A writer and performer from North Carolina; recreates the experience of sitting on the porch with an old friend, playing songs and entertaining.

David Petty is a writer, performer and storyteller from North Carolina. His one man show is as close as you can get to the experience of sitting out on the porch after supper with an old friend, telling tales, playing songs and entertaining as only he can.

David started traveling the country when he was 19. Whether working ranches and hunting camps in Wyoming, or playing with blues bands from Detroit to Tampa, he was always soaking up the culture.

He left music for two years in order to work with high risk teenagers in Harlem, NY, and Patterson NJ. Then, In 2013, David launched his original podcast, Sunday Morning Music.

Seventy-One weekly episodes later, he turned his attention to creating a one man show. The result,  Tobacco Town, is a combination of original music and original stories written and performed by David Petty.

David is just as comfortable playing bar room blues on the piano as he is Piedmont-style finger picking the guitar. One minute you're listening to him play the spoons, singing an old North Carolina mountain tune he grew up hearing, and the next he's playing a rendition of classical music on the banjo! 

And the only thing better than his music are his stories.

You never know which of his original songs or stories you might hear on any given night, but you do know that when you spend an evening with David Petty, you'll leave there feeling better than you did when you arrived.


Photographer: Bob Powell

Musician: David Petty

Piedmont Blues Preservation Society, 2010